Istrian cuisine is like an echo of the geographical location from which it comes – an intriguing mix of continental and Mediterranean styles that resulted in various authentic tastes that few people can resist

Istrian cuisine was profoundly shaped by the diverse nature of this green-blue peninsula, but also by rich Istrian history and the influences of the numerous societies that lived here over the years. The cuisine is based exclusively on natural ingredients, fish, meat and aromatic herbs. Specialties include cold and warm dishes as well as wines and olive oils of a range of authentic sorts.

Traditional Istrian cuisine necessitates fresh ingredients of the highest quality and is therefore highly seasonal. Still, no matter what time of year you choose to visit us you will always find something delicious – either in a restaurant, a konoba, a family estate, or one of the gourmet festivals that take place across Istria throughout the whole year.

What to eat and drink in Istria

Depending on what time of year it is and how long you will stay with us, try some or all of the below:

  • black and white Istrian truffle

  • authentic pasta like pljukanac, fuži and pasutica

  • local specialties with wild asparagus

  • meat of boškarin, Istrian cattle

  • kapešante from Novigrad (scallops)

  • Savudrian švoja (brill fish)

  • fritule

  • kroštule

  • Istrian supa

  • Istrian pršut (prosciutto)

  • Istrian olive oil

  • Istrian malvasia

  • maneštra, Istrian stewed vegetables

  • čripnja, Istrian peka (open-fire roasted)

  • Istrian sausage

  • scampi on buzara (garlic, tomato and white wine)

  • Istrian risotto

  • žgvacet, Istrian gulaš (goulash)

  • ombolo